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Through games, we project a better world.

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Now, the reality is..

The gaming market has become a colossal industry, reaching a staggering $184.4 billion as of 2022. However, the unsung heroes, the developers, are gradually losing their creative spirit, and the development environment is becoming increasingly impoverished. DEVFLOOR is a company established to overcome this reality and to create unique content with our own flair.



The rabbits used to rule the world.

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Based on game theory, it narrates the story of you and all of us.

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Game Development

Developing Innovative and Exciting Game Content

Platform Development

Comprehensive Game Operations: Tailored CMS/QA Platform Development

Building Seamless Experiences

Crafting SDKs for Login, In-App Purchases, Push Notifications, and Attribution

Payment Integration Services

Offering Streamlined Payment Solutions for Enhanced Gaming Experiences

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